Is your website outdated or running slowly?

Websites are by far the most significant marketing asset;if they are not expanding your business, it is time to rethink your approach. Every business need a website in today's digital world. Consider it a 24-hour sales crew that responds to internet searches.

Did you know that a fast-loading page is essential for better SEO?

Advantages of a Faster Website

  • Improved user experience, lower bounce rates

  • Increase opt-in, ROI, and conversion rates

  • Fast Google ranking

  • Users stay on the site for an extended period of time.

  • Users are happier when websites are faster.

  • High average time on page, greater chance of appearing in search engine results pages

    Time to increase your chances of converting visitors into possible clients.

    Do you realise how important Google PageSpeed and GTMetrix Yslow is?

    So, how can you make your WordPress site more optimised?

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    The Process

    Minify HTML, CSS & JS Files

    Defer and async Javascript & CSS delivery

    Plugin analysis & obsolete code removal

    Database optimization, and reduced page size

    GZIP compression of the page code

    Optimization of Images & lazy loading setup

    Scaling of Images depending on the site theme

    Core WordPress speed optimization